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VIP Customer Support
Your order gets #1 priority and immediate feedback to all your requests free of cost.
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Plagiarism Report
Report that shows that the Paper is original.
Single-spaced pages: 1 - 5 pages -$0, for every additional page.
Double-spaced pages: 1 - 10 pages - $0, for every additional page.

Upon your request, we can also scan your paper with powerful commercial software in a completely safe way and provide a report.
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Preferred Writer Category
We offer writers of three categories – Basic, Advanced, TOP. You can also request your previous writer. If the previous writer is already Advanced or TOP, the price will change accordingly. We also charge extra for preferred writer on 24-hour deadline orders.
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Abstract Page
Explains the main idea of the paper to the reader. It goes at the beginning of the work.
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Sources used
Includes all the links, docs, and screens used by the writer in the paper. Free of cost for all sources.
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Table of Contents/Outline
A precise list of headings, chapters, or other parts of your work formatted in the right way.
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Editor’s check
Additional proofreading by an expert who edits the paper to perfection after your writer finishes it. The price for this option will be calculated upon your order details.
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You can ask the writer to add charts or graphics to your paper in order to represent the information in the readable way.

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